Neolithia is the catch-all term for the numerous branches of the predominant religion on the continent of Éun. It is a polytheistic religion rooted in the history of Ressex and based on stories and teachings of the Neolithic Gods.


Neolithia teaches that all continents were once one whole. It was a world was of sand and fire where the air was too thin and the sun too hot. The people that populated it were primitive and savage, driven to barbarism by the harsh world (or condemned to this hell because of it).

When the Gods arrived from Eternity, they saw some potential innate in that hellish world.

The Forging of Anthéun

Pillars of fire struck the earth, heralding their arrival. Like a hammer strikes an anvil the gods slowly reforged our hell into a paradise. The gods began their labor and the ash and sand was struck away, just as ore is smelted into steel. The world began to grow green with trees and waters started running wild across the world. Before the Forging was yet finished, a group of gods struck out from the Valley of Pillars to lift the tortured mortals up out from their own barbarism. They called themselves the Pilgrims, and began the age of burgeoning civilization called the Tilling.

The Tilling

The Tilling was an age of turmoil. Though sandstorms began to give way to nourishing rains and ashy landscapes turned to rich soil, the people of Anthéun were yet unenlightened and still lived and fought and died as if their world was still the hell of their forefathers. But this was also a time when the Gods walked the earth…

The Gods left the Valley of Pillars, journeying forth to lift us from the mud. They fought and taught and conquered across the world, seeding the flourishing world with knowledge and wisdom. After several lifetimes, they united Anthéun into nations, then empires, then one glorious holy peace.


The people that would become known as Ressacks were the first to encounter the Gods as they left the Valley of Pillars. Over time they became the favored of the Gods and eventually took the responsibility of ruling the mortal world. As the Gods retired to their temples, or returned to their starry Heaven, or even wandered the world, Ressex grew ever more powerful. They ruled in the name of the Gods, given command of the Nine Sacraments and all the power they entailed.

In time, the Ressex Tyranny grew so powerful as to rival the Gods themselves. Only the immortality of the Gods separated them. And though the Pilgrims and those that still dwelled in the Valley of Pillars saw this as a great accomplishment, those that looked down on Anthéun from starry Eternity were gravely offended.


Thus began Diluvian.


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