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A great way to flesh out your history, motivations or just your character in general is to write a story starring him or her! (50xp x Class Level) is awarded for each story you write and upload, at the GM’s discretion. When uploading fics, please precede the title with a capitalized "FIC – ", and tag the article with an all lowercase “fic” (both without quotations). It should then be listed on the page linked above.

After Diluvian

The Neolithic myths tell how after Diluvian, the Great Rain, the Gods and their favored mortals gathered on the peaks of Five Finger Mountain and left the world behind. When the waters receded, the Ressex Tyranny collapsed and the former heart of the dying empire grew into a wild forest. Millennia later, a new empire has risen north of this now ancient jungle. The Glorium o Éun dismisses the Neolithic faith as it nears close to conquering the entire known world.

The Wilderness

The Wilderness is a massive jungle that divides the continent of Éun, separating the Glorium from its southern provinces. The Wilderness is known for its ancient forests, vicious fauna and subtle magic. It is rich with lumber, medicinal flora and other natural resources.

The absence of Glorium rule from the Wilderness makes it a haven for criminals. Bandits, smugglers and other undesirables make their homes in its forests to escape their crimes, free from the fear of Cavalier law. But lawless does not mean ungoverned.


The Wilderness adheres loosely to a class system based largely on the Wild Hunt. There are three higher Sacrosancts which are collections of powerful Sancts. In the Wilderness, the only way to move up in the world is to join a Sanct, a local gang that usually has ties to Wild Hunt. These Sancts used to be ancient monasteries and churches, each dedicated to one or more of the Neolithic Gods, ancient deities that are no longer worshipped widely.


Individual Sancts are ancient churches leftover from the Neolithic Era that have been co-opted by the Wilders and turned into anything ranging from gang headquarters, homes, village centres or even prisons. Social status is measured by rank within the Wild Hunt, though ranks vary from region to region. From highest to lowest: The Abbots, Pastors, Chaplains, monks.


Neolithia is the catch-all term for the numerous branches of the predominant religion on the continent of Éun. It is a polytheistic religion rooted in the history of Ressex and based on stories and teachings of the Neolithic Gods.

The Glorium o Éun

The Glorium is the infant empire now straddling the known world. Amongst its Crown Provinces stands nearly all the nations of the Éun continent, and its collection of Vassal Provinces stretches across both the Sterling Sea and the New Sea.


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