Anahearth Sanct is a border city that sits close to the Glorium province of Narren. The city houses close to two thousand people and is the main trading outpost between the Wilderness and the Glorium. Her Glorious Armed Forces has a large presence in the city, although traditionally there has not been much conflict between Hearthmyn and Gaffers.

Anahearth is a dirty, grungy city of muddy roads and ramshackle buildings. The divide between rich and poor is extremely pronounced in the city, even within the ranks of High Hearth. The weather is often dark and cloudy with more than its share of rain, but its proximity to the Glorium and Wilderness both make it an invaluable stop for traders and merchants.


Anahearth is located east on the northern border of the Wilderness, just south of Landrend.


Anahearth is a rough city that takes more from its Wilder heritage than Glorious influence. The streets are unpaved and often muddy from the rain. They curve and criss-cross with no apparent order. Streets are as wide or as thin as buildings permit, no building code is enforced and this coupled with the plentiful rain that sometimes floods main roads makes Anahearth a city of alleys and deadends.


The High Hearth Sanct (called the Hearth) is wide stone temple in the centre of the city, surrounded by a maze of shrubbery. Wooden barracks are set beside each entrance into the maze. A fire burns brightly in a firepit on the roof of the temple. Anahearth citizens know that when the fire is extinguished, Hearthmyn are conducting Sanct business in the muddy streets by cover of night, and they had best stay indoors.

The Sanct is fairly large at three hundred members, though at any given time any amount of them can be out of the city on Sanct business.

It is one of the Hollow Houses.

Recent Events

Recently a splinter cell of the High Hearth Sanct has been attacking Glorium officers and institutions, leading to martial law being declared by the Glorium. The situation is escalating, as Anahearth is a Wild Hunt controlled city, and the Glorium has no jurisdiction over it. As more Glorious soldiers pour into Anahearth, the Hollow Houses are poised to respond in kind.

A plague has recently broke out amongst the lower classes, further exacerbating the situation. While mostly contained in in the poorer districts, fifty people have died so far and the mortality rate is rising.

Persons of Interest

Sylvestus Ironhand


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