Diluvian refers to the apocalyptic event that flooded the world thousands of years ago, that reduced the Ressex Tyranny to a primitive culture and created the Sterling Sea, the Wilderness, and other major geological landmarks of Éun.

Thousands of years ago, Éun was a sprawling continent. While ÉEun, Varazdin, Sidiana are now seperate continents, there was a time they were all one, so the legend goes. The Ressex Tyranny ruled from the Valley of Pillars to Land’s End, from Zhytomyr to the Strait of Dusk and in the heart of the Tyranny the Neolithic Gods watched from their homes on Five Finger Mountain.

It was a time of miracles and prosperity, when the gifts of Rhadamanthys and Hyacinth brokered peace across humanity, and the mercies of Nalini and Talamur gave us long lives. Dreams and wisdom, death and war conspired to create a paradise, the likes of which not even the Gods had ever witnessed.

Then came Diluvian – the Great Rain, the Long Storm – that lasted seven times seven years without end. The Ressex Empire collapsed and shrunk into their towers, whilst the world drowned. Nalini had no mercy left to give, and Talamur extended a different hand. The world boiled and froze, civilizations sank to the bottom of an ocean whose hunger could not be sated.

All the magic and reason of the Gods could not end Diluvian. So they gathered on the peaks of Five Finger Mountain, watched the waters climbing to the top of the world. And they all left, in a cacophony of fire and thunder so great it shattered the moon.

Legend has it that Rhadamanthys remained behind, refusing the abandon us. From his bed in the deep caverns of Five Finger Mountain, he dreamed the end of Diluvian, when the bright sun would light out faces again.

Thousands of years later, the rain has stopped and the Sterling Sea and the Wilderness are a few of the only pieces of proof that it ever occurred. The Shattered Moon reminds us that no gods are left to foster us, and the Ember Sun reminds us that one remained, sleeping.


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