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  • Hollow Houses

    h1. The Hollow Houses The Cedar Hollow Sanct is the head and gripping hand of the collection of Sancts known as the Hollow Houses. It commands the entire northern border of the Wilderness and much of the region besides, both within and without. The …

  • Third Hand

    h1. The Third Hand The Third Hand is a Sacrosanct in the oldest, most traditional sense - Five Finger Mountain (also known as the Hales) is the religious heart of the continent √Čun and each of the five Sancts is composed of faithful devotees to one of …

  • Straytna

    Straytna was encountered by Kragyn in the line to enter Anahearth. She is from the Fountainhead Sacrosanct, and was there to meet a friend.

  • Grammyn "Gram" Grammerson

    Gram appears where he is needed. He is known to those that need him, and carries an authority so high that they could not even be named. Despite often being seen as a mercenary, Gram rarely lifts a finger in the doing of actual violence. He prefers to …