A cruel, thrill-seeking tracker whose cold, calculating nature is compromised only by his loyalty to Abbess Perra.


Bulky and strong, Matrell bears the scars of many battles and carries many cruel looking weapons. The cold and calculating look on his face is enough to intimidate most of his targets. His wild and dirty appearance belies his intelligence, another of his strengths.


Born to a life of cruelty, he has little sympathy for his quarry and remains focused on his work at all times. He loves the thrill of the hunt, seeing it like a fatal chess game for his body and mind. Once, Matrell had loyalties to no one – he wandered the Wilderness, tracking anything for anyone so long as he was paid. Those who got on the wrong side of his deductive mind and cruel, calculating ways rarely escaped.

There was no love for Matrell in his filthy hovel and there was rarely enough food for the entire family — until he started hunting deeper into the Wilderness, that is. In the Deepwood Circle, Matrell learned to watch and learn the patterns of the some of the most dangerous predators before striking. He studied strange, dangeorus animals and other hunters, picking up techniques and developing incredible new ones. He quickly got bored hunting beasts and moved to hunting people. He rarely cares who he hunts, just that they provide challenge and he gets paid.

When Ayla Rat-Keeper began to infringe on his reputation as the best tracker in the Fallows, he expanded his route, determined to one-up the timid rat queen. It then that he met Perra.

Perra was the first person to look past his brutish appearance and see the genius hunter beneath. Against his better judgement he helped Perra wage a small war against the Staghead Sanct, paid only in promises of wealth and power. When Perra assumed Abbotship of Staghead, Matrell again found himself swayed by her to remain as Pastor. Though he has no love of the Neolithic Gods and little loyalty, he found himself accepting his position.

Matrell’s solitary nature keeps him a stranger in Staghead, despite his position. He has no desire to be liked, though he takes pride in being feared.


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