Martin Sapperson III

A rogue scionist, whose sharp eyes peer out through his wooden mask to harness the art of gardening fire.


Mad Martin Sapperson III is seven feet tall and can appear disconcerting to the unwary in his chemist’s apron and gloves of thick, burnt leather and a sinister wooden mask.


Mad Martin Sapperson III is an arrogant explosives expert from the Glorium who despises government and sells his creations to the highest bidder. He was born in a family of scionists and his great intellect propelled him through his education in the Scionage – until he got bored and dropped out.

Despite this, his grandfather – Professor Sapperson, a former Lieutenant of Her Glorious Armed Forces – knew of his genius, having raised and tutored Martin from boyhood. At the Professor’s behest, Martin began to be courted by scionists and scionist investors.

Stuck in a loveless marriage and pestered constantly by increasingly aggressive recruiters, Martin’s hatred of the Scionage transformed his dislike for bullies to full-fledged anti-government and anarchistic tendencies. When his criminal activities were discovered, he was barely able to escape, though he had to leave his friends, his family and his work behind him. Vowing revenge, he took up hermitage in the wide Wilderness, where he continues making explosives for criminals and plots his revenge against the despots that ruined his life.

Family History

Martin, eventually Martin Sapperson, had been a sapper in the Her Glorious Armed Forces who had distinguished himself by quickly adapting to the chemical weapons added to the Army’s arsenal after the conquering of the Strait of Dawn. He brought this knowledge home with him, but his son was never good with the chemicals, a mistake Martin Jr would wear on his hands for the rest of his life. No, Jr was only good at sculpting the ceramic casings used to contain the explosives, and so he became a moderately successful potter.

It seems that the knack for chemistry skipped a generation because Martin Sapperson III took to acids like they were mother’s milk. With their moderate wealth the Sappersons were able to afford the materials necessary for Martin Sr to teach his grandson the art of “gardening fire.” Martin III was quite gifted at chemistry, often improving upon his grandfather’s methods, and also showed an aptitude for his father’s trade, but didn’t pursue it much beyond the mercantile side.

Personal History

With great hope, his family pushed Martin III towards joining the Scionage much like his grandfather. However, this was not to be as Martin III had an anti-authoritarian streak that developed during his grandfather’s tutelage. After repeatedly improving upon Martin Sr’s methods Martin III had grown distrusting of the efficacy of his elders methods. He became quite the contrarian, and this seeped into his interactions with his peers.

Being a rebellious youth lead Martin III to fall in with the wrong crowd. He began selling his skills to the highest bidder, providing criminals throughout the Glorium’s capital with acids, poisons, and explosives, and garnering him the nickname “Mad Martin.” This brought the attention of the law and, surprisingly, both the Scionage and the Archonage down onto him. Barely one step ahead of the authorities Martin has fled the capital with nothing but his Chemist’s apron, kit, staff sling, and a handful of silver. As he disappears into the Wilderness with bounty hunters on his trail he swears to recreate his lost notes, complete his greatest work, and then use it on those who tried to stop him.


Mad Martin take pride in his pursuit of knowledge and in a job well done, but values personal responsibility above all else. He loathes people or mobs or institutions that herd people into weakness and stupidity. He hopes to destroy those who would so they can think for themselves.

Mad Martin takes after his father in that he is a businessman and expects those practices to be honest and to fulfill their obligations; though he is shrewd enough to recognize who not to do business with.

In the end, he recognizes that one cannot live in complete isolation – people need one another… but only if they’re useful.

Friends, Foes, Goals and Woes

11 – Financial windfall – grandfather’s investment and father’s business both take off
12 – Admitted to Scionage at a fairly young age
13 – Luckily found a dead body to experiment on, but was stopped by grandfather for fear of endangering his scionist education
14 – Realized I was smarter than everyone else by reading my grandfather’s private notes… and improving upon them.
15 – Dropped out of Scionage due to boredom and started selling arms to Aministrivi criminals
16 – Went through an arranged marriage with an impoverished noblewoman introduced by grandfather.
17 – Lost criminal mentor who taught me lockpicking and fixed my first few jobs to the Armed Forces when he was caught and conscripted.
20 – Badgered intensely for recruitment by the Scionage, until I had to flee to the Wilderness
21 – New family member
22 – Nothing special
23 – Started a partnership with Kay of Moss Park to sell arms to Sancts in the Wild Hunt.
24 – Made a friend in Gordy.


  1. Gordy
  2. Kay
  3. Mr. Martin Sapperson II
  4. Miraz the Fixer
  5. Tyler St. Gang (presumed dead)
  6. Abbess Lillian
  7. Abbess Perra


  1. Professor Martin Sapperson I
  2. The Scionage
  3. Abbot Robet
  4. Lady Alonia Riviera, wife

Woes – Wanted By Scionage – ALIVE


Short Term
Raise money to continue work on Thesis
Learn how to make own tools
Become as good as Father at pottery

Complete Thesis
Blow up Scionage

Long Term
Overthrow the Glorium
Fix life.

Assumes people are stupid when he doesn’t understand them.

Martin Sapperson III

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