After Diluvian

Treehouse Night and Market Day

Rewards are reaped, and moments are shared.

Nero reveals to Ayla that her father had survived the riots and spend the remainder of his life searching for her. He seems unusually curious in what Ayla remembers of her past.

Thonius starts a rumor that Benny the Bard turns into a song, which slowly becomes wildly popular.

After spending a night at the Treehouse, everyone except Benny and his Band leave for Staghead. They are staying behind to see if the Black River emissary will show up for their meeting. Benny asks Martin to request lumber and funds to rebuild the Treehouse.

Kragyn overhears Benny giving a task to Petey to ask Alynthyn about the history of the Treehouse.

When they return to Staghead, Martin claims payment and attempts to sell the spoils they acquired in the battle. Abbess Perra balks at the longswords, insisting that they be taken out of Staghead at once. She does not recognize the wreathed wren sigil inlaid on one of the swords. She accepts the bows and arrows, and pays him.

She reveals to Martin that she orchestrated his employment to the Rosarium so she could defeat them despite their being better armed. Staghead’s reputation has been raised steadily, and only more so once word of the Treehouse battle gets out.

Kragyn, Thonius and eventually Martin encounter a limping Porc, who has finally made into Staghead with the help of a young assistant – Gordyn. Kragyn and Martin learn that the Glorium soldiers have left Moss Park, but Gordy reveals that Sylvestus raided and burned Martin’s cottage before he left. Gordy saved some of Martin’s notes – but important pages are missing.

Thonius makes some friends drinking in the Burning Leaf, and wins a new dagger gambling.

Martin finds Matrell at the Stagger Inn, where he asks the Pastor why he didn’t report the longswords to Perra. Matrell drinks heavily and ignores the question. There is a moment where he seems to want to say something – but it passes.

Night falls, and Ayla, Nero, and Gordy share a quiet moment at her campfire.

Best Lesson: Ayla
MVP: Martin
Hardest Time: Ayla


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