After Diluvian

The Anahearth Kindling, Halfmoon 10th of Mourning, 207 After Diluvian

"Gram" found dead in Fifth Quarter, TRTC stocks soar: Ressex cries, "Enough!"

Grammyn Grammerson has been the de facto leader of the High Hearth trade relations with the Glorium for the past year. His machinations led to the securing of the Anahearth Warehouses, the establishment of the Ackerly Way safehouses and the highest recruitment numbers for the Hearth since the 180s.

He was found dead last night in his tavern of choice, the Stagger Inn.

Sources close to him have said that his investigation into Thon the Loquacious finally came to a head. For our readers of short memory, Thon was a Hearthbrother to Wrassler Brutyn, of whom the Kindling reported as the sancster behind the burgle of Warehouse 13 and the subsequent mutilation of Sylvestus Ironhand (then Woodyn).

The Tyrannis Rex Trading Company has opened another branch. In addition to their founding stations in Homlan, Ana’s Grave and the Foundry, and their recent additions this year in Ackerly Way and Aministrivin, now opens their six branch in Lower Hales in a trading action that Ressack nobles has been calling “Borderline treasonous!”

The TRTC Executive Nichael Mer released the following statement in response.

“Tyrannis Rex was founded on the freedom to trade. For a long time, that was the freedom to trade Ressack goods to Glorium provinces or colonies, or even the Wilderness. Now Halish ore and yes, Halish literature is in demand in Ressex. That’s the problem with freedom – all peoples must have it, or no one does.”

Executive Mer has clashed numerous times with the Ressack Monarchy over his endorsement of state-banned goods and services. After the raid on his warehouses in 199, Mer moved his employees and business and indeed, money, to other stations outside of Ressex. Now as Mer’s coffers are swelling with currencies from all provinces and nations, Ressex receives little to nothing in taxes, losing the TRTC income to surrounding taxation bodies.

This has served only to further inflame the xenophobia between conservative Ressex and the rest of √Čun. Whether Executive Nichael Mer will put out the fire before it starts to burn him if the only question this reporter has.


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