Third Hand

The Third Hand

The Third Hand is a Sacrosanct in the oldest, most traditional sense – Five Finger Mountain (also known as the Hales) is the religious heart of the continent Éun and each of the five Sancts is composed of faithful devotees to one of the Neolithic Gods. The Third Hand competes directly with the Archonage for spiritual political dominance on Éun. While the Archonage has the might of the Glorium as well as the Scionage behind it, the Neolithic Gods are deeply entrenched in not only the Wilderness, but also Ressex. The Third Hand has agents across the continent and even in some of the Glorium’s vassal provinces across the Sterling Sea, and pushes its agenda through information trading, blackmail, and political strength.

Third Handers

Those in Éun that follow the old faith will often make their pilgrimage to the Hales to beg entry into one of the five Sancts – or live amongst the faithful populace of Lower Hales, working in the mines or in the city. Those that are accepted into any of the Fingers are trained in the ancient arts of the Neolithic Era, mastering their bodies and minds. Their unarmed combat is without peer, but they are also fantastically armed. The deep mines in the Fingers, and their proximity to Two Towers (the smithing capital of the Glorium) allows them to be armed with true steel.

Those that graduate to Chaplain are privy to ancient secrets and techniques from the Neolithic Era, and are secreted away in all corners of the world to beg, buy or steal secrets or artifacts from the Neolithic Era. However, very few Third Hand monks are accepted into the ranks of Chaplains, fewer still promoted beyond that. It is rumored that the five Abbots of the Third Hand wield weapons and knowledge passed down from the Gods themselves.

Sol Sanct

Sol is the dominant Sanct on Five Finger Mountain, as well as the largest and most numerous. It is an intricately built steel and stone castle that fully encompasses the peak of the First Finger from cliff to steppes, with a tower that rises impossibly high into the sky.

Patron Gods

Each of the Third Hand Sancts worships a God wholeheartedly, from which they derive their beliefs, principles and techniques. These gods are Rhadamanthys, Hyacinth, Nalini, Talamur and Soraurya.

Third Hand

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