Order of the Black River

The Order of the Black River

The Fountainhead Sanct houses the ancient Order of the Black River. It rules over the eastern region of the Wilderness that is dominated by the Riverwild. They are the uncontested masters of the network of rivers and deep streams of the Riverwild. They have a point of entry open for the Glorium province of Two Towers, with whom they work much of their trade with, or for. Their trade is, more often than not, the smuggling of illegal materials – drugs, weapons, artifacts and other items of interest that may be seized by Cavaliers along the Glory Road.


More often than not, the pirates that navigate the Riverwild in boats of reed or wood are members of the Order. These pirates, wrapped in black rags, employ stealth masterfully – sailing silently across the Wilderness unseen and undisturbed where an uninformed boat might encounter any number of the numerous aquatic threats that abide in the Riverwild. That said they are also fantastic archers and excellent knife fighters. Some Fontmyn also use a weighted net in combat to ensnare their foes. The Fountainhead flag, vert a ribband sable, is raised above the soot-darkened boats of the Fontmyn.

Fountainhead Sanct

Fountainhead Sanct is a mossy stone keep with five towers, four of stone and one of wood (replacing one that crumbled long ago). It sits on an island that juts out of the White Ket Estuary, the tumultuous lake that serves as an interchange for the five rivers that dominate the region. From the vantage points of the towers, Fontmyn can see for miles in every direction, even to Two Towers and the Black Sea.

Patron Gods

The Fountainhead Sanct is set over by Soraurya River Wind, the God of journeys, luck, and change. Soraurya is known in the Neolithic myths as the messenger of the gods. Her neutrality and well-likedness protected her from inter-pantheon conflicts despite her fickle, two-faced nature. The lesser sancts of the Order also give praise to Nalini the Nighttime, Kyler Shade-Son, among others. Their colours are green and black.

Order of the Black River

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