Moss Park

Moss Park

The Moss Park Sanct is a small shrine in the central-eastern region of the Wilderness. It is a circle of standing stones surrounding a small subterranean tomb for Censun, a saint from Neolithic lore. The village itself is spread out over an clearing where many of the men raise livestock (e.g. sheep, chickens, the odd milk cow).

Moss Park numbers at around fifty people, with a Sanct of fifteen members. It owes fealty to the Hollow Houses, Anahearth in particular, but it is rarely accounted for in Wilder issues and is largely ignored, except to be picked on by surrounding Sancts (Staghead in particular.

Persons of Interest

As with any Sanct, Moss Park has a hierarchy of authority based on the traditions of the Neolithic Gods.

Abbot Robet, the Lamsmyn

The Abbot of Moss Park has spent his entire life in the clearing, never venturing from his “destiny as a sheep herder.” A kind, curmudgeonly old man, he is prone to fits of romance. He is a balding old man with only one tooth left, though he is still strong and able. The odor of sheepshit and sour sweat emanates from him. He wears stained rags and rarely washes.

A simple man who wishes for his Sanct to remain simple, he is a religious man who truly believes in the Neolithic Gods. His priorities are maintaining the shrine to Censun, and making sure his flock of sheep and of villagers are well-fed and happy. This sets him apart from many Abbots that scheme and covet higher status within the Wild Hunt.

His son Len had higher ambitions for the small Sanct, and would often get into trouble raiding surrounding Sancts or robbing passing traders. On one such occasion, he was killed. Robet does not speak of his son.

Pastor Kay

Kay is the young pastor of Moss Park, and the adopted daughter of Robet. While the Abbot tends to his flock, she is the one who usually caretakes the shrine to Censun. She loves the ancient stories of Censun and the Gods, and has long since exhausted Robet of his limited store. She is plain but makes a habit of washing. She has long, shining brown hair with flawless porcelain skin, but her features are mousy. Her eyes are large and expressive. Her hair is short except for three long braids, which originate behind her left ear. She has a deep stare that isn’t threatening or intimidating. She holds her hands palm-to-palm in front of her while listening. She nods slowly when people talk, and when she speaks it’s in a slow, soft voice.

Despite her age, she has wisdom beyond her years. She is rarely surprised, and gives off an aura of calm. She hasn’t lost her childish charm, which puts people at ease. She was raised to serve her Sanct as a Pastor and she understands the role she plays and approaches it with great respect.

As the pastor of a Sanct that has no chaplains, she is usually the one that ventures to larger Sancts to trade woold and herbs for other goods. She takes these opportunities to learn much more about the Neolithic myths, and has been pushing Moss Park into a more religious direction since she became Pastor. She is only seventeen years old, but is well-versed in the lore of Censun and of the Gods.

Kay was a great friend of Len, the Abbot’s son, her adopted brother. She was distraught over his death; it was common knowledge she was in love with him, though it was unrequited. Since his death, Kay has become curious about the workings of the Wild Hunt and has taken steps to involve Moss Park in the wider affairs of Anahearth, without notifying the Abbot.

Gordyn “Gordy” Tannerson

Gordy Tannerson 251
Gordy is a brash ten-year old boy with a bowl haircut who carries a wooden sword as well as a real knife. He also wears a holy symbol around his neck. He says what he means and means what he says. He’s bold and honest but listens to his parents when admonished.

Like any child, Gordy sees problems in his world and wonders why, often aloud. He is quite bold for a young lad and has no problem questioning the sources of the problem, even
when he risks being killed for it. He wants the bad things in his life to change for the
better. He knows that he can’t do it alone, so he tries to inspire the adult villagers to do it for him.

The son of the village tanner, Gordy sees the burdens the competing Sancts put on the villagers and wonders why they accept it. After not receiving satisfactory responses, Gordy has gone to the
sources of the problems. He’s already questioned the Staghead emissaries, the Glorious soldiers. Fortunately, his young age has protected him from the consequences of his insolence.

Porcius “Pork”

Pork Tinkerton is a Ressack, who has abandoned the decadent, decayed grandeur of the former Empire to make a living selling odds and ends in the Wilderness. At some point along the way, he also converted to their faith. Pork a short man whose simple clothes have small tears, rips, stains, and burns. His beard is thick and his hair wild. He carries a large knapsack filled with all manner of tools and containers. He is always thinking about the next great invention or discovery that he will make, while puffing on his corncob pipe. He will sniff everything and taste most things, without knowing what they are. He examines everything from every angle.

Pork has never fit in anywhere, but he doesn’t care. Social cues don’t register with him. Coupled with being direct and curious, Pork is usually saying or doing something different
from everyone else. Two factors drive the tinkerer: a thirst for knowledge and a weakness for food, wine, and women. Both of these have left him without coin for most of his life. Only by
selling what he learns and makes has he survived.

Born in the province of Ressex, Porcius learned quickly that his mind was a better weapon than his brawn. He learned how to make things people wanted but eventually found that his reagents were much cheaper and more easily found in nature. He moved to the wilderness and learned that his items fetched a better price in among the primitive Sancts, so that’s where he sells his wares. Despite doing his best not to act like a Ressack, he sometimes caves to temptation and blows all of his money on wine, women, and food.


An older man, and the father of Annyn, Aldus’ thinning hair is just wisps of white, except for his bushy eyebrows and scraggly beard. His armor hangs loosely about his emaciated frame and even the short spear he uses as a cane seems too big for him.

Aldus has a nervous twitch. He’s anxious and nervous all the time, believing that danger will come any second. When encountering strangers, he keeps looking past them to see what nastiness is following them. When he can calm his nerves, Aldus is pleasant and hospitable. Unfortunately, he is anxious most of the time and refuses to let his guard down, lest the monsters take him without a fight.

Aldus is a tragic figure. He was once a great warrior, but his glory days are long past. He cares only for his village, but it hasn’t seen real trouble in decades. In an effort to keep his combat prowess intact, Aldus sees danger behind every corner and constantly trains for the moment he is needed. Unfortunately, the townsfolk pity him for the insane old man he has become.

Patron Gods

The Moss Park Sanct is based around the Saint Censun, who was described in the Neolithic myths as “the most devout of Hyacinth’s warriors.” Censun is known to have befriended Hyacinth when the god was in disguise. Though he failed the God of Wisdom’s tests of heroism, Hyacinth was so smitten with Censun’s company that they drank together for two moons until the God drunkenly declared Censun to be worthy of his blessing.

Censun was a traveling Chaplain, venturing far north to bring the knowledge of the Gods to the barbarians of proto-Landrend. Though he was a warrior, his most popular parable is “The Way of the Scabbard”, in which he did his utmost to never draw his sword, and achieve victory in all his battles with wisdom and patience.

Moss Park

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