Fic - Martin's Speech

The shattered moon shines down on the two story townhouse and its yard. Canine corpses and blood are scattered throughout the lawn. The smell would be atrocious in summer heat, so I was glad for the chill of early winter. The guard dog I’d managed to tie up is pulling at its rope eager to return to its master. Thonius and Walkyn still have their blades out, slick with dog blood, and are looking at the door to Mikelin’s house. They’re both preparing for a dramatic entrance of some kind… and there’s the double kick that opens the door. Let them speak to Mikelin, I have no business inside. My task is outside, one that is less immediately bloody than what I suspect Thonius and Walkyn will be doing.

Unsure of the Anahearth sancsters, I wait until Thonius and Walkyn have entered Mikelin’s house. My words are only for Kragyn, but Ayla can listen if she is so inclined. Kragyn is eager to remove Gram for his threats against Moss Park. That attitude needs to be cut out before he does something right at the wrong time.

“Kragyn, can I have a word?” The large young man stops at the doorway and begins heading over to me. His expression one of curiosity. I take a breath to calm myself, quickly going over the points I had planned on the walk over from the Spiked Eel. I know I’m no good with words and once I start it’ll all gush out.

“Gram is scum and a bully. I do not like bullies, but we can NOT take him on. Not now and not when he’s expecting it. We will bide our time until we are prepared. Then we will hit him hard, hit him fast, and we will not miss. Because if we do he will slip away and you will never feel your loved ones are safe. But when we strike we will burn his reputation and bury his body. When people speak of him it will be as a warning to not threaten Moss Park and the naieve will say ’what’s it matter if they killed some stupid, old, gaffer?’ So we wait. You show your anger and distaste for him, because one day he will die by your hand and my mind.”

My face is iron behind my wooden mask, so there’s two layers to hide my rage, I wait for his response. I could feel myself light headed, certain I’d been able to keep the shake out of my voice. Kragyn looks surprised. Did I misread him?

“That sounds good to me.” He holds out his hand. I take it, shaking in agreement. Ayla remains silent in reply to my words. Whether she approves, does not care, or didn’t listen I cannot tell. We’ll find out when the time comes where she stands. Where they all stand.

Fic - Martin's Speech

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