Fic - Martin's Patience

I’m looking at the table of in the Spiked eel as Gram slowly chews us out for making little progress. Thonius looks a little sheepish for our inefficient behaviour, and Walkyn seems weary of Gram’s patronizing questions. Kragyn and Ayla seem unconcerned, and why shouldn’t they be? We’ve only been here a couple hours. I only pay half attention to Gram as this continues, my mind wandering. The years of spilled beer have created a sort of accidental polish on it. A more practical polish would – what did Ayla just say? Columns and Rows of the Table. How did I not realize that? No matter, now we’ve got a bargaining chip.

It is unfortunate that Gram has shown himself to be such a bastard. I didn’t trust him before, too unknown a quantity. Even Perra is more trustworthy, but then again her goals are far clearer. He tells us to accomplish one task or another, but they aren’t HIS goals. Those remain hidden and dangerous and in waiting.

Gram is scum. Kragyn shooting out of his seat, rage plain on his face, snaps my eyes to him. This is not good. I can’t blame Kragyn for standing up and confronting him for his “implications” about his loved ones. He’s just like the guards in Aministrivin that work the markets, bullying merchants with their “implications.” The guards I’d watch and loathe, wishing I could do something to topple their confidence. Being a powerless child all I could do was watch. Now I continue to watch, but I also wait. I will wait until I have the resources necessary, then I will destroy this tyrant like I will destroy the Scionage when the time is right.

Sit down Kragyn. It is time to wait, not act. Neither you nor I are armed, but Walkyn, Gram, and Thonius most certainly are. Thonius. that fool, where do his loyalties lie? I thought to Kragyn, or Moss Park, or Staghead. Most definitely he is loyal to Thonius, but it’s looking like he is loyal to Anahearth’s sancsters above all, except himself of course.

This is incredibly irritating. All I wanted was to buy some Table forsaken lumber. That was it. Just get some planks of wood but now I’m embroiled in so many mysteries and conspiracies I can’t keep track of them all. Plus there is this plague hanging over our heads, which may or may not be connected to the Scionage. I think I recall Ayla saying that she treated the Anahearth plague earlier. That one must treat the symptoms, watch the patient, and wait. I’m tempted to pursue the thread of the Anahearth Scions with Ayla’s help, but with this sword business suddenly moving so fast I feel now is not the right time. That task must wait.

Something that cannot wait is Kragyn’s anger. He’s finally sat down but he is clearly not done with Gram. I will have to speak to him alone when I get the chance. I will explain why we must wait and why his anger must too. I will promise him the fruits of patience. So I shake Gram’s hand, watching his lying face as he speaks words of respect, while he watches mine as I do the same.

And we wait.

Fic - Martin's Patience

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