FIC - Martin's Dilemma

What a complete fucking mess this turned out to be. He knew he should’ve found that buckthorn himself. WHY did he wait 3 weeks before looking for Kay or Gordy or more buckthorn for that matter? He kept telling himself that he’d do it tomorrow. That he had other tasks he could complete while he waited for the plant.

Now, now it was too late. Now here he was in Staghead trying his damndest to meet a trade deadline for the locals’ rivals. Not to mention that he could just tell that tomorrow Perra was going to ask him to work for her. He almost regretted saving those men’s lives, but everyone else was just doing such an arse job of treating them.

Well at least he could get some good money for whatever she wanted. Here’s hoping she didn’t press the issue of sabotaging the Roses’ shipment. That would do nothing but hurt his professional reputation. However he definitely wouldn’t meet his deadline. Even if he COULD make the 10 pots by the due date there was no way he’d have the time to travel to make the delivery.

Perhaps there was a business opportunity here. He’d managed to complete one pot so far, he could use that to demonstrate to Perra and her thugs that this was a weapon worth having. If she made a big enough order it would be a while before he could make more for the Roses.

That wouldn’t be enough though, the Roses still needed their shipment. Maybe he COULD sabotage their shipment a little bit. If he skimped a little on the buckthorn in the next batch he could probably save about 25% of his materials. The difference in quality would be negligible, they wouldn’t blow up in the Roses’ hands, but he could in all honesty tell Perra that they were sabotaged. No one would be able to tell the difference, it’ll all just look like flame.

No. A deal’s a deal.

Perra could make a deal of her own if she wanted to work with him. Guess he’ll just have to give the Roses a discount of some kind for being late. Here’s hoping they didn’t want some blood to sweeten the deal.

FIC - Martin's Dilemma

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