After Diluvian

Treehouse Night and Market Day
Rewards are reaped, and moments are shared.

Nero reveals to Ayla that her father had survived the riots and spend the remainder of his life searching for her. He seems unusually curious in what Ayla remembers of her past.

Thonius starts a rumor that Benny the Bard turns into a song, which slowly becomes wildly popular.

After spending a night at the Treehouse, everyone except Benny and his Band leave for Staghead. They are staying behind to see if the Black River emissary will show up for their meeting. Benny asks Martin to request lumber and funds to rebuild the Treehouse.

Kragyn overhears Benny giving a task to Petey to ask Alynthyn about the history of the Treehouse.

When they return to Staghead, Martin claims payment and attempts to sell the spoils they acquired in the battle. Abbess Perra balks at the longswords, insisting that they be taken out of Staghead at once. She does not recognize the wreathed wren sigil inlaid on one of the swords. She accepts the bows and arrows, and pays him.

She reveals to Martin that she orchestrated his employment to the Rosarium so she could defeat them despite their being better armed. Staghead’s reputation has been raised steadily, and only more so once word of the Treehouse battle gets out.

Kragyn, Thonius and eventually Martin encounter a limping Porc, who has finally made into Staghead with the help of a young assistant – Gordyn. Kragyn and Martin learn that the Glorium soldiers have left Moss Park, but Gordy reveals that Sylvestus raided and burned Martin’s cottage before he left. Gordy saved some of Martin’s notes – but important pages are missing.

Thonius makes some friends drinking in the Burning Leaf, and wins a new dagger gambling.

Martin finds Matrell at the Stagger Inn, where he asks the Pastor why he didn’t report the longswords to Perra. Matrell drinks heavily and ignores the question. There is a moment where he seems to want to say something – but it passes.

Night falls, and Ayla, Nero, and Gordy share a quiet moment at her campfire.

Best Lesson: Ayla
MVP: Martin
Hardest Time: Ayla

House on Fire
Abbess Perra sends a small force out to rescue Benny the Bard and his men from the assault on the Treehouse.

After Petey is rescued from the trap, three heavily armed Roses appear to investigate the noise. Despite being unusually well armed with steel long swords, they are dispatched easily, leaving only one survivor. After interrogation, he reveals the details of the assault on the Treehouse, allowing the team to assemble a hasty plan.

During the surprise attack on the Iron Roses, one of the Treehouses topples over in flame. After the forces have been mostly dealt with, Matrell was able to get arrows up to Benny’s Band who helped the team end the fight quickly, with the surviving Roses fleeing.

One enemy remained, tending to the sick and injured. Called Nero by the fleeing Roses, he remained, steadfastly saving as many lives as he could, Stag and Rose alike. His touch seemed to bring life to the mostly dead – and upon seeing Ayla, his eyes went wide from recognition.

Best Lesson: Martin
MVP: Ayla and Rosemary
Hardest Time: Thonius

The Stag and the Rose
Three burned men bring dire news of a battle to the west.

Alyn makes it clear that there will be trouble when he returns without the 100 silver. He wonders if it would be enough if Kragyn and Thonius worked it off… but he doubts it.

Thonius and Kragyn stumble upon a merchant wagon on its way back from the Lower Hales. Alyn reluctantly agrees with Thonius that they rob it in order to pay Moss Park’s tithe.

Kragyn almost kills their fighter, Porter, while Thonius and Alyn fend off their archer, Barton. In the end, Kragyn takes all their gems and silver from the merchant, Douglas. A parting remark from Douglas incites Kragyn to question them about Len’s death.

It is part of the Tyrannis Trading Company, whose caravans Len attacked and was subsequently killed by. They never made it to Lower Hales, as the greedy merchant took issue with how much they wanted to pay the Patchwork Man. The Tyrannis Trading Co has offices in Anahearth, Aministrivin and Lower Hales.

Meanwhile, the three torch bearing sancster scouts enter Staghead, collapsing in the courtyard before waking anyone. They are terribly burned and close to death. Ayla manages to stabilize one of them, but they are beyond her skill. She wakes the Abbess, and Pastor Matrell, who asks her to summon Mad Martin.

Martin manages to bring one of the wounded back to consciousness – Petey. He tells him of the Iron Roses throwing fire, and how Benny is pinned in the Tree House by the Rosarium.

The Abbess gathers those awake in the Burning Leaf tavern. She takes an especial interest in Mad Martin after seeing him heal and bandage the Stag sancsters, and confirming that he was the one who makes the liquid fire.

Afterwards, Kragyn, Thonius and Alyn explain the situation in Moss Park to the Abbess, who waves them away after being charmed by Kragyn. She takes the gemstones in payment.

The next morning, she offers Mad Martin a generous sum to accompany the reinforcements to Benny. Thonius and Kragyn sign up, as well as Petey and Ayla. However, on their way there Petey trips a trap and is swung high up into the air, alerting a high pitched, bloodcurdling scream that makes even the scarred and cruel Pastor Matrell go pale.

MVP: Kragyn
Hardest Time: Kragyn
Best Lesson: Mad Martin

The Madman and the Bear
Ayla and Rosemary track down the Madman of Moss Park

Ayla meets with Abbess Perra, who hires her to find the person who has been providing the Iron Roses with explosives. Pastor Matrell was able to track a number of Iron Roses making their way to Moss Park, but killed them before discovering their source. Ayla agrees, and makes her way to Moss Park.

Mad Martin is approaching a deadline for a shipment of explosives for Abbess Lillian of the Rosarium Sanct. He is almost done, but is out of a key ingredient – alder buckthorn. Normally, he’d have sent Kay to procure some, or Gordy to find and pick some, but he hasn’t seen them in weeks. He appreciates the alone time, but he needs to finish the job in time. He goes into the village to look for them.

In Moss Park, Sylvestus and his soldiers are interrogating villagers and searching the village for signs of Thonius. The village is trying to go about their business as usual, but there is tenseness in the air as Sylvestus and Samuel toss the huts while Thomas, Richard and Harold are interrogating the villagers.

As Pork was trying to leave, he is threatened by Thomas’s glaive. Pork has already been searched and his bags ransacked, but Thomas says Sylvestus needs to give his permission. Ayla watches as the Glorium soldier cuts Pork’s leg before Mad Martin appears and scares him off. Ayla tends to Pork’s wounds.

As Mad Martin stalks away, Ayla finds out from a young boy named Gordy that the man in the mask is the one she is looking for. She surreptitiously follows him into the circle of stones, where Kay is tending to the Abbot’s hurts by the Stonesheath Tomb. She is doubly upset, that the Abbot was hurt and that Len’s memorial was interrupted.

Mad Martin quickly stitches up the Abbot, and asks to speak with Kay, who is uncomfortable with the Abbot knowing of her relationship with Mad Martin. She catches up with him later, and reminds him that Len died only three weeks ago and she’s still mourning. Mad Martin tells her that he needs alder buckthorn, and fast.

After an interaction with Sylvestus and Gordy, Mad Martin returns to his hut in the woods. Ayla tracked him there and managed to bound and gag him to take him back to Abbess Perra.

As Ayla leads a helpless Martin through the Wilderness, they bump into Kay who is carrying a basket of buckthorn. She drops it, and tries to free Martin, managing to cut open his bonds before a bear arrives, sending Martin and Kay both running. Ayla manages to knock the bear aside before pursuing.

She finds Martin alone, and leaps from her watching place in the tree tops. Tackling him to the ground, she holds him down until he agrees to come with her to Staghead Sanct. They make the two day journey with little incident, passing by a stuck wagon before arriving in Staghead in the middle of the night.

Martin finds an adequate supply of buckthorn in the ritual fires, but Ayla and he decide to camp outside Staghead until the Abbess wakes. They see three men walk slowly, mysteriously into town.

The 1st of Mourning
The past catches up with Thonius and Kragyn.

Len Lamson was the son of Abbot Robet, the grizzled shepherd of Moss Park. Contrary to his father’s peaceful predilections, Len had a crew of young Wilders looking to make a name for themselves in the Wild Hunt: Kragyn, Thonius, Gordy, Annyn and Len himself.

A month ago, the crew attacked a caravan on some information given to Len. It went badly, as the caravan was much better armed than expected. Everyone got away, but Len was fatally wounded.
He spent a week fighting the wound, during which time the village was subjected to his cries of pain and fear. His final request was that they do their best to celebrate the 1st of Mourning, a Wilder tradition and coincidentally, his birthday.

It has been three weeks since Len’s death.

Gordy and Annyn are preparing for the celebration. Annyn is giddy about while Gordy is curious if Kragyn will celebrate, since many blame him for Len’s death. Kragyn chooses to instead pay his respects at the spot where Len was fatally wounded.

Gordy tells them that Robet wants to have a word with Thonius, by the pasture.

The village is busy preparing the Stones for the celebration. Other than Amie, the children, and Pork, much of the village resents Thonius and Kragyn’s presence – especially Kay, who stares daggers at Kragyn.

Robet received a warning about a fist of Glorious soldiers making their way for Moss Park. He asks Thonius if he knows why a Fist of soldiers would be heading for Moss Park. Thonius lied and denied knowledge, and pick pocketed a letter from the Abbot.

The letter detailed the arrival of four Glorious soldiers led by someone named Sylvestus Ironhand. It was signed “M and V”.

Alynthyn arrives to collect money for Staghead, and stays for the celebrations. Robet tells Kragyn to take care of him and make sure he enjoys himself.

During the celebration, two gaffers arrive searching for Thonius. Robet hides them reluctantly, and Alyn offers to bring them to Staghead for safekeeping.

On the way out past the Pasture, they spot Sylvestus and the two remaining Glorious heading towards the village with sinister intents.


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