Wreathed Wren Sigil Blade

An especially fine steel sword of mysterious origin.

weapon (melee)

A superior steel longsword with deep blood runners and a magnificent balance. The guard of the hilt is worked into the shape of feathered wings, while the pommel is impressed with a mysterious symbol: A wreathed wren sigil.

The scabbard of this sword is fine, intricately layered leather bands and braids.


This steel longsword was taken from the dead body of an Iron Rose Sancster at the Battle of the Burning House. Though other swords of this quality were also found, the intricate leather scabbard has a mysterious Wreathed Wren sigil burnt into it that no one has yet been able to identify, not even Abbess Perra of Pecora Fallows.

Later discovered by Gram to have been in Glorium possession for an undisclosed period until it’s theft by Brutus. After the death of Brutus at the hands of Sylvestus, it reappeared in the hands of the Rosarium sancsters at the Battle of the Burning House a year later, as noted above.

Shortly thereafter, the Roses staged a brutal invasion of the staghead Sanct, the only purpose of which seemed to be the retrieval of the Wreathed Wren Sigil Blade. Though the attack was repelled, the blade was retaken.

The blade has been linked to the violations of the Anahearth Accord by the Glorium in Anahearth, to the disappearance of Miraz and Aelia, and the death of Brutus.

Wreathed Wren Sigil Blade

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