Bishop Walkyn


Walkyn the Reputed is an older sancster from the High Hearth with an obsession for unearthing secrets. He is forty-six years old and has invested much of his life climbing the social hierarchy of the Wild Hunt. He has built a reputation for himself as a respectable, honest dealer of pre-Diluvian artifacts and a man who gets things done, isn’t afraid to spill blood, but does so efficiently. In conversation he is solemn and gentle, but firm. His once fervent faith in Narcalypson branch of Pilgramism has since been shaken then shattered by the betrayal of his mentor, Hybrassil.


As an adolescent Walkyn was brought into the High Hearth under Hybrassil’s wing, lured by stories of the sleeping Gods and their ancient artifacts. He and Hybrassil together carved out a storied history in the halls of the High Hearth, pulling off daring heists, heinous robberies and impossibly profitable adventures. Across the twenty-seven years of their partnership, the partners in crime were always searching for one thing: The fabled Tome of Farewells, called the Path of the Pilgrims, called the Elephantine. It is said this book detailed all the secrets of the Pilgrammic Gods – their descent from Eternity, their motives for the Tilling, their reasons for leaving and whether they would ever return.

Five years ago, they closed in on the Book. They poured all their accumulated wealth, pulled every remaining favor, exhausted every resource to get near it -but it was a hoax. Hybrassil had conned Walkyn, took every scrap of wealth and left him with nothing – not even his faith. Hybrassil revealed there had never been a Book, that it was only ever a legend, and the legend a tool for manipulating his henchmen. “Your usefulness has come to an end, and thus so must your life,” Hybrassil had said. Walkyn’s shortsword slid into his ribs before gliding across Hybrassil’s throat, and thus their partnership ended.

“Killing and stealing are the way of the world. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.”
“Business is business. Don’t let it get personal.”
The mysteries of the world, seeker’s natural curiosity
Taking advantage of opportunity, taking risks (gambling)
Independence, self-dependence

Taking advantage of the faith of others.
Letting guard down
Unpaid debts, unaddressed responsibilities
Colonialism has brought nothing but trouble
Parasitism, reliance upon others
Lost knowledge, burning bridges

Walkyn has a sliding ethical scale and bases most of his moral decisions on a foundation of business, particularly after Hybrassil’s betrayal. His guard is always up and he seeks to make everything interaction as impersonal as possible to better illuminate opportunity and risk. Despite this, a longing for comradeship persists against his better judgement.

He sees the reliance upon others as a fatal flaw, evidenced by the murderous culmination of his lifelong friendship with Hybrassil. He cannot deny however, that since he struck out along there has been a void in his life that he not yet been able to fill.

Walkyn adores mystery and the secrets of the natural and unnatural world above all else, and lives to experience them in their fullness. Those that would destroy those mysteries will earn Walkyn’s ire and disdain. Though he began his journey to discover these secrets with the goal of awakening the Pilgrammic Gods, he has since forgotten those feeble notions. The Gods are dead, the Archonage says, and for once Walkyn and the Glorium agree.

Pride 3
Envy 2
Gluttony 2
Chastity 2
Anger 2
Greed 3
Diligence 3

6. Death of father and mother, high ranking Hearthmyn – Hybrassil takes Walkyn in as his ward.
18. Inducted into High Hearth as Chaplain after assassinating a Glorium official
20. Childhood friend Moskar, last remaining tie to civilian world, died trampled in the Lantern Riots. Put the Spiked Eel, Moskar’s tavern, under High Hearth protection.
21. Lost vast majority of wealth and estate while gambling, debt still unpaid to Grammyn, held as favor
24. Heroic deed – expanded Anahearth into Glorium land through a combination of trade, blackmail and murder. Given Honorifica on left forearm of a flaring High Hearth.
26. Repaid a betrayal of Hybrassil tenfold – murdered rival Abbot Ysgra of the Red Glade Sanct and his family, installed a puppet Abbot loyal to High Hearth. Honorifica of shortsword stabbed into a red glade.
28. Began honing skills with short sword with Chaplain Lillian of the Rosarium Sanct.
30. Social fallout from trying to organize expedition into Deep Woods for the Book.
32. Loved a sancster named Lillian for four years and asked for her hand, only to discover she was already married.
36. Professional success – fenced a coin of Greyguardian currency.
37. Found out and thwarted assassination of Pastor Lillian, and no one knows.
38. Alleyway dealing with Miraz goes south, and their blades meet. Neither can best the other and they depart each other respectfully. They slowly come to enjoy each other’s company and frequently come together to discuss overseas trade, Anahearth politics and play Sidian Hearts, an exotic dice game.
40. Betrayed by Hybrassil; murder of mentor, professional failure, social disgrace, accrued debt
41. Last evening with Pastor Lillian. Happy.
42. Lillian’s husband finds out everything.
43. Establishes High Hearth safe house and hyacinth distribution centre in Aministrivin, honorifica of High Hearth’s symbol, the flaring tower, awarded on back
44. Puppet Abbot in Red Glade Sanct caught and executed by Red Glade Rebels.
45. Attempts to reconnect with Lillian, now an Abbess, but turned away at the gate and threatened with death.

Miraz and Villain – Professional trading associate and gambling and drinking partner
Staff of Spiked Eel, whose jobs were secured by a young Walkyn after death of owner
Helgana, Yelena, Sari (daughter of Moskar) – barmaids of Spiked Eel
Two-Boar, the bartender
Denonyn and Tyryn, two adolescents working as barbacks
Nana, muscular female cook, chef
Remy, a regular customer thief and a good client – sells antediluvian artifacts to Walkyn
Pickett, amoral fence
Abbess Lillian, former love of life

Micklin “Mickey” Fell – paranoid fence that backed out of a deal with Walkyn
Chaplain Mat, Lillian’s husband
Ysgra the Younger – The son of Abbot Ysgra, leader of the Red Glade Rebels
Red Glade Rebels – generational hatred of Walkyn for High Hearth’s fascism
Abbess Lillian, former love of life

Suffering the social fallout of affair with Abbess Lillian and murder of Hybrassil, no longer considered trustworthy dealer.
Constantly in debt due to gambling habits


Short Term:
Find contracts to fence goods
Collect pre-diluvian artifacts
Keep the Eel safe and running
Find contacts in the Third Hand

Mid Term:
Find practitioner of Third Hand to gain skill as a fighter (many enemies, ever increasing)

Long Term:
Remain loyal to High Hearth
Understand the truth of the “Path of the Pilgrim”

Curiosity Killed the Tiger – Over-etitled, prideful curiosity that frequently gets Walkyn into trouble.

Bishop Walkyn

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