An orphan dandy from the streets of Anahearth, the innocuous _schick_ of his straight razor is almost as unnerving as his greasy half-smile.


Thonius, at first glance, is a singularly unremarkable fellow. Standing at a mere 5’9, coupled with a slight paunch and bad posture, he hardly inspires fear or confidence. His receding, mousy brown hair, torpid green eyes and slight smirk are equally unimpressive. But underneath this pathetic exterior lies a burgeoning assassin and rogue.

His talent for disguise, stealth and blending allows him to close in on his target, while an oily, weaseling demeanor has groveled his way past many a suspicious guard or Legionnaire. But when close enough to strike, his deft hands and skill with a blade leaves the target slumped against the wall, with Thonius nowhere in sight.

Although scoffed at by more experienced thieves and killers, Thonius’s trademark of a straight razor cut across the neck has many wondering if a new figure might be arising in the shifting politics of the Sancts. Thonius has a taste, or rather a weakness, for fine clothing, expensive dining, expert artwork and high stakes gambling. Although this means that he is usually on the run from one creditor or another, it also makes his opponents underestimate him that much more.

After all, who could be afraid of the paunchy, mousy man dressed in rumpled finery approaching with a greasy, half smile plastered on his vacant face?


Thonius grew up in the village of Anahearth, a bustling trading town between the Glorium and the Wilderness. Orphaned at birth, he grew up on the streets, involving himself in petty smuggling and thievery from as young as 6 merely to survive.

Gazing at the mansions of the opulent from the mud of the gutter left Thonius with a bitterness and hunger for wealth. At some point he became involved with the local Sanct, and quickly prospered: by 19 he had become a point-leader, and had made at least 8 confirmed kills.

When Glorious forces attempted to wrest control of the docks and warehouses lining the river, angered by the loss of tariff income via illegal trade and smuggling, the Sanct resisted, and the two sides have been locked in a bitter campaign of knives in the dark and torched houses.

On the eve of his 26th birthday Thonius and a close Sanct friend of his, Brutus, were attacked while overseeing a shipment of smuggled steel weaponry. Thonius, wounded, managed to escape by throwing himself into the river, but Brutus was caught and tortured to death at the hand of a particularly brutal enforcer named Sylvestus.

Enraged, Thonius hunted him down and tortured him in the same manner Brutus was, cutting pieces of the man off and carving his skin with the same ornate straight razor that Brutus had given him. Before Thonius could finish the job, however, Glorious soldiers broke into the warehouse, driving him from the city of Anahearth into the deep Wilderness and denying him his revenge.

Fleeing the wrath of the Sylvestus, he eventually found his way to the Moss Park Sanct, hoping to regroup, find allies and eventually strike back at the hated Glorium and the murderer of his friend.

Friends and Foes

Porcius “Pork” Tinkerton

Pork Tinkerton is formerly of the Glorium, who has abandoned the civilized grandeur or the Empire to make a living selling odds and ends in the Wilderness. At some point along the way, he also converted to their faith. He is a quiet, dignified wanderer with twinkling eyes, a great bushy beard and a corn cob pipe.

Discovering Thonius during his flight from Anahearth, shivering and delirious, Pork helped him recuperate and got him to Moss Park. He may have also awakened a hitherto unknown spiritual spark in the dour assassin.

Starting as a man trying to make a simple living midst nature, he has since bonded with the Neolithic gods on a deeper level. Wise and kind and resourceful, he has ties all over the Wilderness with community leaders.


Aelia grew up beside Thonius, orphaned and forced into a life of crime. She also fell in with the local Sanct, and proved just as competent as her friend, labeled deft-hand by the age of 17. Aelia is tall and whip thin, with braided long hair, blue eyes and a ready laugh.

Heavily involved with smuggling, she has had to contend with the recent Glorium trade-crackdown campaign quite personally. Targeted by the Glorium, she has been saved by Miraz and Thonius on more than one occasion. One might even say that Thonius feels more than a passing friendship for Aelia.

Aelia is a Chaplain the Sanct and close friend of Thonius. Proficient with both charm and blades, especially a treasured rapier that Miraz gifted to her on her 20th birthday.

Pastor Miraz

Miraz is a foreigner, a cloaked and turbaned man with an extravagant grey beard from a far away province who serves as one of the primary fences in Anahearth. He is two-and-fifty years old and served as something of a mentor to Thonius and Aelia, instructing them in the lethal arts of disguise, poison and flattery in the Anahearth Sanct.

He also sympathizes personally with Thonius, having grown up in similar conditions and also fleeing his home from the invading Glorium, for whom he bears a distinct hatred. He is an expert at procurement, and also a lethal hand with the scimitar. He is never without his trusted parrot Villain, who perches on his shoulder, screeching insults and curses at passerby.

Miraz runs small fencing business, with access to a stock of potions, poisons and other exotic goods. Brothers of the Anahearth Sanct often call him a Pastor.

Yevud Flavius

Yevud is a Glorious government official in Anahearth. Though this would normally make him an enemy of Thonius, Yevud is a man with the same fine tastes as Thonius and so has and many debts. A mutually profitable arrangement has led to their business arrangement over the past 4 years turning into something regarding grudging respect, if not outright friendship.

Yevud is a tall, slightly stooped man with premature baldness and a slight tic in his hands. Despite this, he is a master of the political arena, blessed with a commanding presence and silver tongue. When that fails, the scholars sword disguised as a cane doesn’t.

A non-combatant, high ranking, corrupt official who has a business arrangement with Thonius, supplying contacts, targets and other miscellaneous info. Taste for wine, women and food.

Sylvestus Ironhand

Sylvestus is a Captain of the Glorious Armed Forces stationed in Anahearth, and has been at the head of the brutal, scorched earth campaign launched against the Sanct. A career soldier and veteran with a flawless family pedigree, Sylvestus is a peerless warrior first and an officer second. This has won him the respect of his men and the fear and hatred of the Sanct.

Sylvestus is tall and solidly built, with a mop of blonde hair and a slight scar down his left cheek. Marcus carries a hefty falchion, and is guarded by his loyal war-hound, Vulpus. His left hand is missing, this and the scar are mementos of Thonius’s incomplete revenge.

The ultimate patriotic soldier, fighting the Sanct and not having any moral scruples. Skilled in all manner of weaponry and strategies, beloved of his men.


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