Sylvestus Ironhand

A ruthless Glorious Cavalier who hunts the criminals of Anahearth.


Sylvestus is tall and solidly built, with a mop of blonde hair and a slight scar down his left cheek. Sylvestus carries a hefty falchion, and is usually guarded by his loyal war-hound, Vulpus. His left hand is missing, this and the scar are mementos of Thonius’s incomplete revenge.


Sylvestus is a Cavalier Captain of the Glorious Armed Forces stationed in Anahearth, and has been at the head of the brutal, scorched earth campaign launched against the Hearth Sanct in Anahearth. A career soldier and veteran held back only by his family pedigree, Sylvestus is a peerless warrior first and an officer second. This has won him the respect of his men and the fear and hatred of the Hearth.

Sylvestus loves to provoke people and make them jump. He slaps gloves into his hand and sensuously teases before cracking a club against a desk or wagon, always watching the eyes. He revels in control, pushing ruthlessly when he has the advantage. If he lacks the edge, he quips a one-liner and exits, arranging for the next meeting to be on his terms. Unpredictability keeps his foes wary and on their back foot. An advantage must be exploited to its limit before it’s spent.

Sylvestus burns to eradicate criminals, who are barely better than beasts. The ultimate patriotic soldier, fighting the Sanct and not having any moral scruples. Skilled in all manner of weaponry and strategies, beloved of his men.

Sylvestus Ironhand

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