Abbot Robet

The Abbot of Moss Park, who wants only to shepherd his flock of sheep and keep out of the affairs of the Wild Hunt.


The Abbot of Moss Park has spent his entire life in the clearing, never venturing from his “destiny as a sheep herder.” A kind, curmudgeonly old man, he is prone to fits of romance. He is a balding old man with only one tooth left, though he is still strong and able. The odor of sheepshit and sour sweat emanates from him. He wears stained rags and rarely washes.


A simple man who wishes for his Sanct to remain simple, he is a religious man who truly believes in the Neolithic Gods. His priorities are maintaining the shrine to Censun, and making sure his flock of sheep and of villagers are well-fed and happy. This sets him apart from many Abbots that scheme and covet higher status within the Wild Hunt.

He is loyal to those who are loyal to him, but he suffers no fools nor liars. He prizes intelligence and adopted Kay when her parents died.

His son Len had higher ambitions for the small Sanct, and would often get into trouble raiding surrounding Sancts or robbing passing traders. On one such occasion, he was killed. Robet does not speak of his son.

Abbot Robet

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