Porcius "Porc" Tinker

A wise but decadent Ressack who travels the Wilderness selling trinkets and inventions.


Pork a short man whose simple clothes have small tears, rips, stains, and burns. His beard is thick and his hair wild. He carries a large knapsack filled with all manner of tools and containers. He is always thinking about the next great invention or discovery that he will make, while puffing on his corncob pipe. He will sniff everything and taste most things, without knowing what they are. He examines everything from every angle.


Pork Tinkerton is a Ressack inventor who has abandoned the decadent, decayed grandeur of the former Tyranny to make a living selling odds and ends in the Wilderness. At some point along the way, he also converted to their faith.

Pork has never fit in anywhere, but he doesn’t care. Social cues don’t register with him. Coupled with being direct and curious, Pork is usually saying or doing something different from everyone else. Two factors drive the tinkerer: a thirst for knowledge and a weakness for food, wine, and women. Both of these have left him without coin for most of his life. Only by selling what he learns and makes has he survived.

Born in the province of Ressex, Porcius learned quickly that his mind was a better weapon than his brawn. He learned how to make things people wanted but eventually found that his reagents were much cheaper and more easily found in nature. He moved to the wilderness and learned that his items fetched a better price in among the primitive Sancts, so that’s where he sells his wares. Despite doing his best not to act like a Ressack, he sometimes caves to temptation and blows all of his money on wine, women, and food.

Porcius "Porc" Tinker

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