Paseno the Greater

A loyal Chaplain of the Fountainhead investigating a possible Glorium conspiracy.


Paseno the Greater is lean with an athletic build. He is bald, without eyebrows (ritually shaved, denoting him as a member of the Order of the Black River) and short at five feet and two inches.

He is a Chaplain of King Clay, but also a distinguished member of the Order of the Black River. He has been awarded with many honorific tattoos that form a patchwork collage of his achievements. Of these, those immediately visible are:

  • A flowing Black River on both palms of his hand, denoting undying loyalty to the Order until death.
  • The crenelations of a tower around his forehead (like a crown) denoting supreme vigilance and prestige within the order, awarded by King Clay for thwarting a conspiracy to assassinate him
  • A large open eye at the top of his scalp, symbolizing penetrating insight, awarded for his part in averting a civil war between the Third Hand and Black River Sacrosanct

Paseno is a quiet but eloquent Chaplain from the Fountainhead Sanct. He is ambitious and focused in his work, having carved a place of influence for himself within the Black River power structure. He is loyal to a fault and takes pride in his obedience to Fountainhead and competence in his actions. He has an uncommon understanding of subtlety, and is known for gathering the most sensitive of information for Fountainhead.

Outside of his work, he leads a very simple existence despite his power and influence.
He is a loyal lieutenant within the Black River power structure, but is developing doubts regarding the circumstances of the death of his eldest brother, Donero. Yet unable – or unwilling – to articulate his suspicions to himself, Paseno undertakes an investigation at his superior’s behest that may ultimately challenge his loyalties to the Sacrosanct that raised him up from an origin of meager significance.

Paseno comes from a pious, backwater Sanct in the western Wilderness called Flotsam. He and his brother was directly recruited by a Black River emissary Clayartan, who over the previous ten years has risen to abbotship of the Fountainhead Sanct (an ascension that may or may not be correlated to Paseno and Donero’s actions) and now styles himself as King Clay. Paseno has a wife and two sons that reside in Fountainhead – Kay, Paseno the Lesser and Donero.

He is a man who has a very good sense for people, while being alienated from himself. In an attempt to push his brother’s death from his mind, Paseno continues to serve his superiors with unquestioning allegiance. With an indescribable, unconscious feeling that his loyalties and worldview is on the verge of catastrophic upheaval, Paseno chooses instead to focus on the task at hand: Doing his masters’ bidding.

Keeping his word, living up to his promises to fullest extent possible.
Lying is a tool, the ends justify the means.
Tradition must be upheld.
Desensitized to killing, when necessary
Neolithia Returnia

Moral judgements, forcing his personal beliefs upon others.
Stealing is distasteful.
Betrayal, going back on one’s word, undermining the safety of family or close ones

Paseno is a moral relativist who does not often have extreme reactions – he has a habit of compartmentalizing his life, leaving the bloody deeds of his work at work to take up the mantle of a responsible but distant family man. Despite this, he cares deeply about his family to a degree that would surprise even him.
He strives to make his decisions impersonal and by-the-book if necessary. Even if the consequences of such a decision makes him uneasy, his loyalty to his superiors overrides all; however, he is becoming quietly apprehensive. A general uneasiness that it may be unsustainable is slowly seeping into his life.
The pious background of his home village has informed Paseno’s beliefs as a man – he is known as a respectably pious man among his peers, holding to the traditional Returnia branch of Neolithic lore – that the Gods will return one day, and pass judgement. His brother’s foray into the heretical Narconian belief (that the Gods are merely sleeping and would awake in a time of need) and subsequent death has troubled Paseno for reasons he cannot fathom.

Humility 3
Kindness 1
Abstinence 3
Chastity 1
Patience 3
Greed 1
Diligence 3

18. Was courted and wooed by Kay, impregnated her with their first son
19. Foiled Kay’s arranged marriage, made an enemy in her father Merchant Callahan
20. To support Kay and his newborn son, Paseno accepted Clayartan’s offer
21. Death of comrade on a job. Hardened him. Gave proceeds to widow.
22. Nothing special
23. Clayartan begins to trust Paseno more implicitly, involving him in his ascension
24. As a result of above, accepted into the Order of the Black River as a junior member
25. Clay successfully leads a coup, claiming abbotship, bringing Paseno up with him
26. Falls out with Donero, whose religious beliefs (Narconian) become more extremist
27. Infiltrated and thwarted a potentially catastrophic conspiracy of Glorium agents
28. King Clay becomes insular and paranoid, distances himself from Paseno
29. Unbeknownst to him, King Clay begins suspecting Paseno of treason
30. Donero dies in suspicious circumstances
30. Averts a war between the Third Hand and the Black River Sacrosancts
30. Ventures out to further investigate the possible Glorium plot to cause civil war

Clayartan, mentor and old comrade
Kay, first love and faithful wife
Passeno the Lesser, favored first son
Donny, younger son who lives in his brother’s shadow
Neolithia Returnia

King Clay
Merchant Calahan, Kay’s father
The Glorium Conspiracy
Narconian Neolithia

Ambiguously betrayed by the system he has dedicated his life to upholding.


Short Term:
Recruit contacts within Staghead
Find leads in Glorium Conspiracy

Mid Term:
Conclude investigation into brother’s death
Conclude investigation into Glorium Conspiracy

Long Term:
Faithfully serve the Black River until death
Provide a comfortable life for his family

Loyal to a Fault – He is blinded by his loyalty.

Paseno the Greater

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