Nero Lan

DECEASED. An impoverished noble running from his past, searching for a future.


He is a frail-looking middle aged man with youthful features. He wears ill-fitting clothes who glances around as if terrified of the world around him. Nestor is obviously well educated, with proper diction and manners, but acts nervous and scared.


The brutal murder of his family members has scarred Nero Lan (real name Dilani) with a lifelong fear of violence—or even the possibility of violence. Aside from that fear, he is exceedingly cerebral and driven to learn all he can of healing. He is an alumni of the Archonage.

He wishes only to survive and escape to somewhere safer, preferably with someone strong.

A child prodigy in the healing arts, Nero was the youngest of the ill-fated Dilani noble clan. Betrayal by a supposed family ally led to the brutal slaughter of his entire clan, except for his immediately family who escaped to Anahearth.

There as a child, he befriended Ayla and her father briefly, before his father became involved in politics Anahearth and caused the Riot in the Dark.

His family which his family was captured and executed. Nero escaped the carnage, studying in the Archonage but wound up living on the streets when he could no longer afford tuition—a life the jittery, wounded boy was not at all suited for. He was then taken in by Ayla’s father, Ren until his natural death.

Scarred deeply by the horrors of his past, Nero doesn’t know who he can trust, if anyone. He is not interested in politics or revenge, only escape from the violence that took his family. After reaching a safe haven, Nestor will almost certainly bury himself in study and practice of the healing arts.

Nero Lan

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