A pious Wilder with questionable idealism and flexible honour.


Kragyn is a tall, muscular Wilder with brown eyes and black hair. He carries a short spear and leather shield.


Kragyn is an idealistic young sancster from Moss Park. He is a very traditional Wilder who believes that the Sancts of the Wilderness must unite before Rhadamanthys will awaken and the Neolithic Gods return. He despises the Glorium while he is prejudiced against the Glorious he believes they are only misguided.

He is a quiet young man who adores the solitary beauty of the Wilderness. Despite this, he is the best fighter and hunter from Moss Park. He and the Abbot’s son Len often tried to convince the Sanct and Abbot Robet that Moss Park needed a larger fighting force to stand up for themselves. Kragyn and Len built up a small fighting force that often took on Wild Hunt jobs without the Abbot’s consent.

However, after Len was killed during one of their Wild Hunt jobs, he realized that the only way small Sancts like Moss Park could ever know peace was if one strong Sanct united the Wilderness under one banner.

Len’s death made Kragyn a pariah in his home village, Moss Park largely blamed him for Len’s death (who was a charismatic and well-liked boy). This, coupled with an opportunity in the form of a Staghead Chaplain, gave him the reason he needed to see what the world had to offer.

Kragyn is idealistic and wants peace for his people, but believes the ends justify the means. He takes the long view and is willing to commit minor wrongs in service to a greater good. Despite this, he has a strong code of honor, but only applies it to those deserving of it. It gives him a certain moral flexibility – he can lie and cheat except for those he respects and finds honorable.

He believes in taking responsibility for his actions and prefers to look his adversaries in the eye – whether he is taking their food or their lives. He prefers to steal from those who are excessively wealthy, who have more than they can eat or spend – but if it’s required, he doesn’t hesitate.

Kragyn is a very pious believer in Neolithia, and truly believes that Rhadamanthys will one day awaken and the Gods will return. He take particular pleasure in the beauties of the natural world, a lasting gift from the Gods. He shows disdain for those he considers heathens or unbelievers.

10 – Actions resulted in exile of his friend Hamish and his family
14 – Happy love affair with Carrin from a neighbouring Sanct
15 – Heroic deed – killed a raging bear with only a dagger
16 – Found a mentor in Aldus, who taught him fighting
17 – Nothing special
18 – Luckily found a herd of wild goats
19 – Professional failure while protecting Moss Park, incurring Staghead’s anger
19 – Financial problem – Staghead takes back their goats and imposes the tithe
20 – Death of Len during caravan robbery


  1. Robet, the Abbot of Moss Park and Len’s father
  2. Pork, a tinker and trader who has wandered the Wilderness
  3. Alynthenn, a Chaplain of Staghead, who helped Kragyn escape Moss Park
  4. Gordy, a young boy who was in Len’s gang
  5. Amie, a beautiful woman from Moss Park
  6. Gala, Kragyn’s mother who is a washer and cook for Moss Park
  7. Dworn, his father who is a pacifistic hunter, who taught Kragyn his respect for nature


  1. Hamish, whose family was exiled from Moss Park because of Kragyn’s meddling
  2. Aldus, who has stopped teaching Kragyn and blames him for Len’s death
  3. Aryn, Staghead sancster that tried to take Kragyn’s goats – and was scared away
  4. Tyrannis Trading Company – Ressack caravan that Len and Kragyn tried to rob
  5. Patchwork Man – killed Len, wears clothes and armor from different cultures

Ostracized in home village, blamed for Len’s death


Short Term
Get better equipment, become a stronger fighter
Find a new mentor

Mid Term
Find the Patchwork Man
Rise in the Wild Hunt ranks in a strong Sanct
Gain allies across the Wild Hunt that also wish for a united Wilderness
Reinforce belief in the Gods and their return

Long Term
Unite Wilderness

Weakness – The Naiveté of Youth – I believe I am invincible and will never surrender!


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