Grammyn "Gram" Grammerson

A slurring, efficient "problem solver" with a stirring reputation amongst the upper echelons of the Wild Hunt.


Gram is an older man with wild, matted hair. Though at first glance he looks like nothing more than a ruthless but frail brigand, a moment’s conversation will reveal his stunningly keen observation and a tongue that is as manipulating as it is thick.

He speaks with a slow slur, made worse by his backwater accent. Both his hands have been burned, signifying his undying loyalty to a Sanct was broken at some juncture.


Gram appears where he is needed. He is known to those that need him, and carries an authority so high that they could not even be named. Despite often being seen as a mercenary, Gram rarely lifts a finger in the doing of actual violence. He prefers to kill with secrets, promises, and truths. For this reason his reputation in the Wild Hunt is a dearly and deadly guarded secret.

Though unassuming and unthreatening, a conversation with Gram nonetheless end with him getting what he wants in some form or another.

His motives are unknown.

He is currently working for the High Hearth in a job that somehow involves Sylvestus Ironhand, and the disappearance of Miraz, Aelia Deft-Hand and Thonius a year previous.

He has trusted Thonius and his friends with two tasks: Finding Miraz and Aelia, and removing Sylvestus from Anahearth – alive.

Grammyn "Gram" Grammerson

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