Gordyn "Gordy"

A brash young boy, whose bravery is matched only by his honesty.


Gordy is a brash ten-year old boy with a bowl haircut who carries a wooden sword as well as a real knife. He also wears a holy symbol around his neck. He says what he means and means what he says. He’s bold and honest but listens to his elders when admonished.


Like any child, Gordy sees problems in his world and wonders why, often aloud. He is quite bold for a young lad and has no problem questioning the sources of the problem, even when he risks being killed for it. He wants the bad things in his life to change for the better. He knows that he can’t do it alone, so he tries to inspire the adult villagers to do it for him.

The son of the village tanner, Gordy sees the burdens the competing Sancts put on the villagers and wonders why they accept it. After not receiving satisfactory responses, Gordy has gone to the sources of the problems. He’s already questioned the Staghead emissaries, the Glorious soldiers. Fortunately, his young age has protected him from the consequences of his insolence.

Gordy joined Len’s crew in hopes of making Moss Park stronger, and was disappointed when it fell apart after Len’s death.

Gordyn "Gordy"

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