Callisto Sullen

A fallen courtesan suffering the dregs of life.


Callisto Sullen is a prostitute in Staghead. Her heavy-lidded eyes are dark-rimmed and sad. Her hair is tousled, and her smile never reaches her eyes. When working, she wears a velvet dress, worn down and torn from use. Other times she wears a simple cotton shift. She is still beautiful, but it is a sad, melancholy beauty. She sometimes plays violin at the Burning Leaf tavern.


Callisto “Callie” Sullen is from the Landrend province. Callie was once the toast of the capital city there, in Aministrivin. She was a courtesan who entertained the powerful and wealthy. Her trust was repeatedly betrayed by false promises. A series of unfortunate events led her to living amongst the Staghead sancsters, plying her trade.

She wastes her days, losing them to intoxication and other self-destructive pursuits and resigns herself to nights to whoring. Callie regrets many decisions in her life and yearns for a way to change it, but sees no way to do it. She hovers just above true desperation, never quite reaching bottom for the impetus to start over. Filled with regret and guilt over the life she might have led, she now despairs of ever changing her lot.

Callisto Sullen

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