A deeply religious Chaplain that reluctantly enforces the violent whims and will of Staghead Sanct.


Alyn is a disturbing attractive man with dark hair, soulful brown eyes and a soft gaze. Alyn is usually dressed in brown leathers with a mantle of waxed green leaves. He wears a vambrace made from bark on his left arm. He smiles with an honest ease, and is usually bent over a book, or otherwise captivated by text.


He serves the Staghead as a Chaplain though he yearns to be a true and simple pastor to Levan-upon-the-Stag. He is set apart from the other sancsters by his sincere faith. Though he inspires lust (not only in women), he remains celibate. He traveled to Staghead from one of the Black River sancts to be closer to Levan, but found its spiritual quality to be lacking. Now, he works for the Sanct as a Chaplain to access their neglected library, doing his best to restore and translate the ancient tomes.

Alyn despises the violence Abbess Perra often forces on him, but none can deny he is as proficient with a spear as he is with a pen. He is often sent out to collect tithes from weaker Sancts, or money owed by unfortunate Wilders.


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