Abbess Perra

A brilliant, risk-taking braggart who delights in villainy; the Abbess of Staghead Sanct.


The Abbess is a raven-haired woman in her late thirties. She wears extravagant clothing, supple lace patterned doe-skin leggings and corsets made from twiney young branches woven with freshly bloomed flowers. She wears a circlet of true steel, and has an entrancing fragrance.


The Abbess leads the Staghead Sanct in a brilliant and ruthless fashion. She is a braggart who loves the game of the Wild Hunt, and likes to feed her political foes just enough information to remain only one step ahead. She is delighted by villainy but she desires a muse, searching for someone equal to her brilliance. To that end, she takes risks to seek out worthy foes.

Perra often has a twinkle in her eye, driving conversation with her authority and charisma. She is polite and a brilliant manipulator, adept at discussing seeming unrelated topics. She seeks out those who are intellectual equals and often ignores the rest.

Perra was once an herbalist at the Fountainhead Sacrosanct. She had a fondness for experimentation that made her invaluable, but eventually went awry. Her brilliance led to a formula that she experimented with on herself, increasing her genius, but her psychosis as well. She flutters on the edge of madness, overwhelmed with a goddess complex.

It was after trying to stage a political coup in the Fountainhead that she was exiled from the Order of the Black River, after which she met Matrell and eventually conquered Staghead.

Abbess Perra

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