After Diluvian

The Stag and the Rose

Three burned men bring dire news of a battle to the west.

Alyn makes it clear that there will be trouble when he returns without the 100 silver. He wonders if it would be enough if Kragyn and Thonius worked it off… but he doubts it.

Thonius and Kragyn stumble upon a merchant wagon on its way back from the Lower Hales. Alyn reluctantly agrees with Thonius that they rob it in order to pay Moss Park’s tithe.

Kragyn almost kills their fighter, Porter, while Thonius and Alyn fend off their archer, Barton. In the end, Kragyn takes all their gems and silver from the merchant, Douglas. A parting remark from Douglas incites Kragyn to question them about Len’s death.

It is part of the Tyrannis Trading Company, whose caravans Len attacked and was subsequently killed by. They never made it to Lower Hales, as the greedy merchant took issue with how much they wanted to pay the Patchwork Man. The Tyrannis Trading Co has offices in Anahearth, Aministrivin and Lower Hales.

Meanwhile, the three torch bearing sancster scouts enter Staghead, collapsing in the courtyard before waking anyone. They are terribly burned and close to death. Ayla manages to stabilize one of them, but they are beyond her skill. She wakes the Abbess, and Pastor Matrell, who asks her to summon Mad Martin.

Martin manages to bring one of the wounded back to consciousness – Petey. He tells him of the Iron Roses throwing fire, and how Benny is pinned in the Tree House by the Rosarium.

The Abbess gathers those awake in the Burning Leaf tavern. She takes an especial interest in Mad Martin after seeing him heal and bandage the Stag sancsters, and confirming that he was the one who makes the liquid fire.

Afterwards, Kragyn, Thonius and Alyn explain the situation in Moss Park to the Abbess, who waves them away after being charmed by Kragyn. She takes the gemstones in payment.

The next morning, she offers Mad Martin a generous sum to accompany the reinforcements to Benny. Thonius and Kragyn sign up, as well as Petey and Ayla. However, on their way there Petey trips a trap and is swung high up into the air, alerting a high pitched, bloodcurdling scream that makes even the scarred and cruel Pastor Matrell go pale.

MVP: Kragyn
Hardest Time: Kragyn
Best Lesson: Mad Martin


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