After Diluvian

Ignition Part 2

The aftermath of the destruction of the garden of cin.

After the young men leave the fire, Ayla and Kragyn return to where MArtin is treating some burns on the younger man’s calves. They leave quickly, revealing nothing.

The crowds of people begin swarming the now unprotected hyacinth den, most of them diseased or crying out for their loved ones who are. They rush into the smoking house, that no longer seems to be a danger.

A second explosion occurs.

Martin and Ayla do what they can to save those affected by the blast, but a full third of them die, including a little girl Ayla had saved once from disease.

Martin searches for the cause of the explosion, and finds a chemical detonator much farther along than the prototype he invented at the Attack on Staghead. He also finds a jar of hyacinth paste, and a pouch of cin, both of them being processed products of the hyacinth plant.

Meanwhile, Thonius and Walkyn acquaint themselves with one another and they climb together to the roofs of the northern border of the Residence Quart (after being denied entry into the Fifth Quarter by Glorium Guards). There they see a parade and ceremony of some sort, and a man in wealthy clothes being awarded with some honor.

They decide not to infiltrate the Fifth Quarter, and climb back down – only to find Daan and his gang waiting for them. It is a bloodbath, and Walkyn and Thonius kill almost all of them before they run away – but not before promising Walkyn to show up for work at the Spiked Eel the next day.

Finally free of distractions, Kragyn, Ayla and Martin shake off the soot of their experience with fire and find themselves washing and buying new clothes in the Merchant’s District. After touching up their appearances quite a bit, they attend Merrill’s shop in the Merchant’s Quarter.

Here they bargain to sell Kay’s duck (stuffed with cin), the gear they’ve gathered and a few knick knacks they’ve picked up. Merrill drives a hard bargain, until he reveals his hand too early – he sees the small statue Martin found on a dead Iron Rose, and this gives Martin the advantage he needs to press his advantage. Kragyn and Ayla contribute by reading Merrill’s increasingly less subtle body language, and driving the deal forward with Martin at the head.

In the end, they do the unprecedented – they profit off Merrill Tasker. They leave with a surplus of one gold, for a total of eleven gold pieces – a thousand in silver coins.

As Walkyn and Thonius return to the Spiked Eel, they see a Missionary of the Archonage holding off a crowd of sick people, now getting sicker without their daily dose of cin. The two sancsters ignore him and walk past the Way of the Chapel.

MVP: Martin, for his haggling
Hardest Time: Kragyn
Best Lesson: Thonius – who learned that times are changing, and old friends can no longer be depended upon, and new friends must be made.


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