After Diluvian

House on Fire

Abbess Perra sends a small force out to rescue Benny the Bard and his men from the assault on the Treehouse.

After Petey is rescued from the trap, three heavily armed Roses appear to investigate the noise. Despite being unusually well armed with steel long swords, they are dispatched easily, leaving only one survivor. After interrogation, he reveals the details of the assault on the Treehouse, allowing the team to assemble a hasty plan.

During the surprise attack on the Iron Roses, one of the Treehouses topples over in flame. After the forces have been mostly dealt with, Matrell was able to get arrows up to Benny’s Band who helped the team end the fight quickly, with the surviving Roses fleeing.

One enemy remained, tending to the sick and injured. Called Nero by the fleeing Roses, he remained, steadfastly saving as many lives as he could, Stag and Rose alike. His touch seemed to bring life to the mostly dead – and upon seeing Ayla, his eyes went wide from recognition.

Best Lesson: Martin
MVP: Ayla and Rosemary
Hardest Time: Thonius


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