After Diluvian

The Neolithic myths tell how after Diluvian, the Great Rain, the Gods and their favored mortals gathered on the peaks of Five Finger Mountain and left the world behind. When the waters receded, the Ressex Tyranny collapsed and the former heart of the dying empire grew into a wild forest. Millennia later, a new empire has risen north of this now ancient jungle. The Glorium o Éun dismisses the Neolithic faith as it nears close to conquering the entire known world.

The Setting

The Wilderness is a massive jungle that divides the continent of Éun, separating the Glorium from its southern provinces. The Wilderness is known for its ancient forests, vicious fauna and subtle magic. It is rich with lumber, medicinal flora and other natural resources. Its land has historically been proven impossible to deforest, despite countless attempts to settle the Wilderness since the founding of the Glorium. It is larger than any single province or the Glorium on the Éun continent, stretching ten days ride across its longest part (though it would take much longer to actually navigate through its hidden trails).

The absence of Glorium rule from the Wilderness makes it a haven for criminals. Bandits, smugglers and other undesirables make their homes in its forests to escape their crimes, free from the fear of Cavalier law. But lawless does not mean ungoverned.

After Diluvian

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